Hey Friendor-to-be:

Thanks for your interest in our shows!! Before submitting your request to participate, here are some important things to know:

  • You must be love-inclusive. No exceptions. By attending you are agreeing - in writing - that you will provide services to all couples.

  • we sell out…. fast. Every show the last 3 years has been at max capacity on vendor spaces come show day. We don’t hold spots without a deposit. We’ll fill your spot from our waiting list if you don’t pay the final payment on time.

  • You can’t just send us money to be at Bash (sorry!). This submission is a request, not a guarantee for a spot. We work super hard to make sure we have the perfect mix of overall vendor badass-ness that has made Bash into the must-attend show it is today.

  • You must provide a service relevant to weddings. Auto body shops and realtors, while we love you, we don’t want to waste your time.

  • We accept very few MLM companies. If yours is amazing and YOU are the rockstar our couples need, convince us why!!

  • Bash shows average 35-60 vendors and 150-350 *qualified* attendees. our couples average $20-50k budgets (which equals buying power for you!) and come to the show looking for more than half of their vendors.

  • many of our attendees come from nyc, jersey and dc (having their wedding in pa) looking for vendor talent!

  • you can make your space anything you want it to be… just don’t ask us for pipe and drape.

  • We max out our vendor categories at 5 (90% of the time!) and we strive for a mix of styles and price points. This means we will never have an overwhelming amount of photogs, caterers, etc at the shows.

  • If you are a super small biz, new kid on the block, or a small ‘maker’ of sorts - we want to work with you! We understand the challenges of starting out and will try to find a creative way to help you get your name out.

  • Our #1 belief is in helping to build our Friendors! once you participate in a show, you’ll get access to an exclusive friendor facebook group to network, share resources, participate in shoots, get referrals, etc.

  • We host 4 in-person networking events each year exclusive for friendors!

  • Show fees are all inclusive. No extra charges for advertising, website links, “preferred” spaces, or electric.

  • we’ll feed you and provide coffee - and that’s all included in your price, too

If you’ve made it this far and think BASH is the perfect show for you, drop your info below and we’ll be in touch ASAP!!

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